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Q. How do I book a Glow tan?

A. Click on the BOOK NOW tab on any page of our website and choose your date, time and location instantly. You can even pre-pay for your visit securely on our site.

Q. This is my first spray tan, will I be orange or streaky?

A. Not at Glow! We use the highest quality certified organic solutions and our entire staff is trained so you get a flawless tan every time.

Q: How long does the tan last?

A. 5-10 days if you follow the before your Glow and After your Glow instructions.
Fair skin tones 5-7 days
Medium skin tones 7-10 days
Dark 7-10 days

Q. How often can I get a spray tan?

A. Weekly, but you want the old tan to be completely off before getting a new spray tan.

Q. Will the solution stain my clothes?

A. No, the cosmetic bronzer and DHA will wash off when clothing is laundered. However, we do not recommend wearing white until after your first shower.

Q. When should I get a pedicure?

A. Never the same day as your Glow tan visit. If you must then skip the exfoliation and lotion at the pedi appointment.

Q: When should waxing be done?

We recommend 24 hours before Glow tan for facial waxing and 48 hours for body waxing.

Q. Will sunscreen effect my spray tan

Although you look tan your skin still needs to be protected from burning.

We retail a 30 SPF UVA/UVB that is specifically designed to not strip, remove, fade or streak your tan like a drug store sunscreens

Q. Chlorine and Salt water on Vacation

A. Chlorine and salt water can fade the tan but we offer products to protect your tan from this so that you can maintain your color.

Q. How do I take care of the spray tan

A. We offer a full line of after care products to help keep your Glow lasting. Store bought products streak, fade, blotch and remove the tan.

Q. I am getting a spray tan for an event, when should I come in?

A. A day or two before is fine. If your going on vacation get the tan as close to your departure as possible.

Q: I've never had a spray tan before and my skin is dry and sensitive.

A. We recommend exfoliating and moisturizing several days prior to your appointment so that you achieve flawless results the day of your

Q. I'm pregnant, is it safe to get a spray tan

A. You should always check with your doctor, but we offer an unscented, alcohol free certified organic DHA solutions for expecting mommas.

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