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Get The Most Out Of
Your Custom Spray Tan

Before Your Spray Tan

  • Must be freshly showered the day of your appointment
  • Scrub your body to remove dead skin with only a washcloth and water
  • No loofah, bar soaps or body washes
  • Shaving should be done the day prior to your appointment
  • Waxing should be done at least 24 hours prior to tan
  • When towel drying off sluff off any remaining dead skin
  • Apply unscented moisturizer if your skin is dry and scaly

After Your Spray Tan

  • Stay dry for the entire developing time given to you
  • Your first shower will just be a rinse with your hands
  • Use our South Seas Bikini Island Body Wash to cleanse the tan and to shave with the entire life of your tan
  • Pat dry with the towel after every shower
  • Apply our South Seas 100% Natural Moorea Moisturizer twice a day to keep the tan vibrant
  • Use South Seas Tahitian Tan Extender which has a touch of DHA in it to help prolong your color
  • Use South Seas Tahitian Tan Mist which is instant color for touch-ups on the face, hands and neck
  • Use South Seas Shade SPF 30 to protect from burning, hydrate and prevent fading in chlorine and salt water

What To Wear
During & After Tan

  • Our Products are made with all-natural ingredients and a certified organic DHA which means it will not stain your clothes
  • Women are free to wear whatever their level of comfort is
  • Men must wear bottoms! No exceptions!
  • Plan your undergarments based on the event your tanning for
  • Only wear loose, breathable clothes during the processing time
  • No leggings, jeans, sports bras or anything white

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